Medicine (2006.569.016)
Medicine (2006.569.016)

Bottle, Medicine


Clear, rectangular glass bottle with screw-cap lid and paper label, containing Oil of Aniseed. Produced by Drugs Limited, Winnipeg, MB. Label is brown in colour, but was likely once white or off-white, and covers the body of the bottle from the base to the shoulders.
Additional Information
Oil of Aniseed is derived from the anise plant, which originated in the Eastern Mediterranean and is believed to have been first cultivated by the ancient Egyptians. The plant was brought to Europe for its medicinal purposes during the Middle Ages. In traditional European medicine, the oil was most commonly used for its carminative (gas-reducing) properties, and general benefits for the gastrointestinal system. Other medicinal uses for anise throughout history have included (but are not limited to): a medicine for cough and chest afflictions, an antiseptic, a treatment for colic, a cure for sleeplessness, an appetite stimulant, a tranquilizer, and a diuretic. Despite the numerous medicinal benefits claimed over centuries of use, there is no evidence of any pharmacological benefits. Anise is also well known for its culinary uses, and its distinctive licorice flavour. ;This bottle of Oil of Aniseed was produced by a wholesale drug company known as Drugs Limited, in Winnipeg, MB. Drugs Limited was purchased by The National Drug and Chemical Company of Canada in 1906. The National Drug and Chemical Company was incorporated in 1905, with headquarters in Montreal. Throughout 1906, the corporation initiated the integration of 19 wholesale drug companies and 13 retail stores. National Drugs merged with other various regional drug companies across Canada throughout the 20th century, and became Canada's leading drug wholesaler and manufacturer, and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the British empire. In 1991, the McKesson Corporation of San Francisco acquired a 100 percent interest in the company (then known as Medis Health and Pharmaceutical Services). In 2002, the McKesson Canada name was adopted and a new brand was introduced, which it is still known by today.

Late 19th C