Medicine (2006.515.004)
Medicine (2006.515.004)

Package, Medicine


Rectangular tin containing "Torch Brand Children's Cough Pastilles", made by Allen & Hanburys Ltd. The label on the top of the tin is black on the top and bottom, and has a cream coloured section in the middle. There is white, red, and black writing in various fonts. The brand logo is on the top, true left side of the label, and features a red circle with notches around it, with a black and white torch, white lines coming out from it, and a black "A" above the torch. This package was found along with several other items in warehouse in Hamilton, and was originally from St. Mary's Apothecary.
Additional Information
Allen & Hanburys was a British pharmaceutical company, founded in 1715 by Silvanus Bevan and his brother Timothy. The brothers established a strong relationship with American doctors, and were known for their "just dealings and the integrity and quality of their drugs." William Allen, and scientist, joined the firm in 1792, quickly becoming the dominant personality. Daniel Hanbury, a pharmacist, joined in 1808 and helped to bring even more recognition to the Allen & Hanburys name through his correspondence with scientists around the world. The company specialised in infant’s food, medicated pastilles and malt preparations, and grew large and successful over the 19th and 20th centuries, with factories around the world, including one in Lindsay, Ontario. The company was absorbed by Glaxo Laboratories in 1958, who continued using the Allen and Hanburys name for certain products until 2013.

Allen & Hanbury's Co. Ltd.

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