Tin (1969.015)
Tin (1969.015)

Container, Medicine


Rectangular metal tin with lid and paper label, containing 1lb. of granulated twin leaf root, produced by J.L. Hopkins & Co. The label is yellow and black, features a decorative border along the edges of each side of the tin, and covers the entire body of the tin. In the middle of the label is a globe image with the company motto written inside, and below that is an image of the company's building.
Additional Information
This tin was from the Parke & Parke Store, and was found shortly before the demolition of the block of buildings bound by James, King, Macnab and Market Streets, around Feb. - Mar., 1969.
Parke & Parke Limited was a wholesale and retail druggist/chemist company in Hamilton. In 1876, Walder Parke and Charles McGregor created the McGregor and Parke Drug Store (located at 1 Market Square). In 1904, the store was moved to the building at the corner of Macnab & Market St. They officially incorporated as Parke and Parke Limited in 1917, and grew to be one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers and supplies in Canada.
;Twinleaf, also known as Jeffersonia, is native to eastern North America, and can also be found in some regions of China, Korea, and Russia. It has been used by Indigenous groups for a variety of medicines. The Cherokee use an extract of the plant for treating dropsy, urinary tract conditions, and as a poultice for sores and inflammation. The Iroquois have used the plant in the treatment of gall and diarrhea. In early American medicine, the whole plant was used as an antispasmodic, diuretic, emetic, expectorant and general tonic. The root was used to induce vomiting in large doses, and to loosen mucus in small doses. It is no longer used in modern medicine, and is possibly toxic.

J.L. Hopkins & Company

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