Mortar & pestle (1964.573)
Mortar & pestle (1964.573)

Mortar & pestle


Small mortar and pestle made of marble, cream and burgundy coloured. The mortar is cup-shaped and has thick walls, with a slight indent between the main body and the rim. The pestle is bulb-shaped at the bottom, tapers through the middle, and extends slightly out near. Used in the shop of E. Lesslie & Son, Dundas, 1821.
Additional Information
The Lesslie family originated in Dundee, Scotland, where Edward Lesslie was born in May 1765. He married Grace (Grizel) Watson on August 13, 1798 in Dundee. Although his father was a sailor, Edward Lesslie established himself as a bookseller and printers ink maker in Dundee. He is described in the Scottish Book Trade Index as a leader of the advanced radicals who narrowly escaped prosecution for sedition. Further details about this part of his life are unknown. What is known is that by 1819 he decided to emigrate to Canada with his family. He sent his son John in 1820 with a supply of goods to open a store. Upon arrival, John chose York (Toronto) and, together with his travelling companion, William Lyon Mackenzie, established a business in the book and drug trade. They later opened a store in Dundas, which, in addition to drugs and books, dealt in a variety of other merchandise. In 1822, ill health prevented the emigration of the remaining family so Edward sent his sons James and Charles, and daughter Grace on a chartered brig loaded with supplies for the stores. James ended up in Kingston, operating a store there for the next four years. In the meantime, Edward and Grace and their remaining children finally arrived in Upper Canada and settled in Dundas where they operated the store now named Lesslie and Sons.