Council proceedings

Council proceedings


Re: Receiving the tenders for the proposed sewage system for the town. Patriotic Carnival in Waterdown; Isolation Hospital
Additional Information
Mayor and Council Members: Mayor Lennard; Reeve Fisher; Deputy Reeve Mahony; Councillors: Builder, Broad, Draeseke, Wilson, McMurrich, Turnbull.

Committees, Commissions, Boards: Finance Committee; Hospital Board; Board of Governors of Isolation Hospital.

Citizens: Mr. Murdock, Engineer; Mr. McGregor, Waterdown; John S. Fry, Sec. Treasurer, Isolation Hospital Board; Dr. T. A. Bertram.

Businesses and Organizations: Clay Products Agency Ltd.; Dominion Sewer Pipe Co.; Toronto Pottery Co.; Hamilton & Toronto Sewer Pipe Co.; Francis Hankin & Co.; [Connolley]; Agnew Construction Co.; J. F. Fry; Canadian Engineering & Construction Co.; James D. Armstrong; [E. G. Smith]; D. O. Johnson; R. Curran; Canandian General Electric Co.; Womens' Patriotic League of Dundas.

June 24 1919