• Medicine (2012.001.215)
    Medicine (2012.001.215)
Bottle, Medicine
Bottle, Medicine

Bottle, Medicine


Aqua-coloured glass bottle with cork stopper and blue paper label, containing Dr. Stafford's Vegetable Composition. The label on the bottle reads "DR. STAFFORD'S / VEGETABLE / COMPOSITION / DIRECTIONS. / For an adult - half a tea / spoonful of the powder, and / one teaspoonful of sugar, put / into a teacup; fill the cup two-thirds full of boiling / water, stir it well and let it / settle, take as warm as po- / ssible, do not drink the set- / tlings or sediment; take it / four times a day, before each / meal and just before going / to bed at night. In a severe / case it may be taken every / two hours. / PREPARED BY / C. S. HARRIS". Yellow cardboard package which reads "DR. STAFFORD'S / VEGETABLE / COMPOSITION / DIRECTIONS. / This is a prompt and most efficacious remedy for / COLDS, COUGHS, HOARSENESS, / Summer Complaints, Asthma, Bronchitis, / Incipient Consumption, &c. / No family in our changeable climate should be / without this efficient remedy. / DIRECTIONS ON THE INSIDE / Price fifty cents / Prepared by / C. S. HARRIS / And sold by respectable Druggists and / country Merchants throughout the United States / and Canada."

C.S. Harris