Inhaler (2012.001.182A-B)
Inhaler (2012.001.182A-B)



Cream coloured ceramic jar with lid and glass tube. The body of the vessel is tapered at the bottom, extends outwards to the shoulders of the vessel, and tapers again at the neck. There are horizontal concentric ridges around the neck of the vessel, and on the bottom of the lid. The body and lid have a brown transfer-printed aesthetic Victorian design that shows flowers and birds. There is a shield on the middle of the body with writing inside. On the opposite side of the shield there is a inbuilt air tube that runs from just above the base to the top of the neck. The lid is corked, and has a hole in the top where the glass tube is inserted.
Additional Information
To use this inhaler, the patient would put an infusion of the medicine they are taking in the main body of the jar. After replacing the lid, they would inhale through the glass tube. Air would be drawn through the inbuilt tube on the back, through the medicated infusion, and up into the lungs through the glass tube.